Plants are our specialty. From five inch caliber trees to groundcovers, we supply them all.

We are experienced in plant material. We do not hire inexperienced people from nurseries and colleges to "help us out" with plant selection and replacement.

    Plant Designs
    We will come to your property, walk around with you, and answer any questions you may have. Everything will be put on paper at that time, within minutes. We can leave rough designs on-site or send more detailed ones within a few days.

      Plant Analysis
      We cannot count how many times we have been out to a propertyand a client has asked to identify a plant or address a problem that no one else has been able to do. Plant identification, conditions, and diseases are no problem for us.

        Plants Installations
        Our license plates have the planters seal on it, so if you see this on a vehicle, you can trust in that.
        We keep pallets of the best soil conditioner at the largest retail and wholesale nurseries in the area. This mixture should be used with every job but, unfortunately, many times left out by others because of expense, inexperience or laziness.

        We offer it free!

          Plant Shopping
          There are different ways to choose the correct plant material. We shop for you!

          We hand pick plants to assure they are the newest, most attractive available. We do not have the nursery staff or others do the choosing. That is one reason why you should not use a landscaper who has a nursery or a nursery who landscapes. We will also purchase straight from the grower and if needed,order plants and plant material.

            We love to transplant because we hate to waste plants. Whenever you transplant, you should always use root stimulator.This is a must but seldom used.We recently moved twelve large crape myrtles which were planted by another landscaper too close to a driveway and house foundation.

              Real Estate

              We have a great relationship with realtors, individual home and business owners, and renters. The first thing that is seen by a potential buyer of a residential or commercial listing is the landscape. From removing a leaning tree or dying shrubs to cleaning and mulching, real estate agents, independent sellers, landlords and business owners can call on us.

              A few years ago, we moved thirty, forty plus year old boxwoods from the old white farmhouse on Broad Street, before Short Pump Town Center got started. We moved them in August with no water source to a home off of Gayton Road and they are still in great shape today.

              Two years ago we cleaned and planted for a home in the Walton area to sell. Even with the economy, the sale ended in a bidding war. The complete job was under $1000 and the listing went for $20,000 more than asking price.
            Real Estate

            Real Estate

            Real Estate

            Trimming Trimming

            An experienced landscaper should know that there are certain times of the year to cut and trim certain types of plants and trees. We make sure of this.


            We like to clean out overgrown and troubled areas. The result always ends in a new look for your landscape.

            Last year we helped a customer on West Franklin Street uncover his 1959 Porsche which was shielded by groundcover, vines and mimosa.

            Large and overgrown plants such as Leyland cypress and redtip photinia pose a problem when they start to bend and become diseased.

            Ground covers tend to invade and take over areas. We recently took out rolls of ivy off a hillside off Cherokee Road and saved the large junipers, which we later trimmed into bonsais.

            Lawn Repair
            We do not aerate. We believe that is a waste of time when compared to dethatching. When you dethatch, you work more of a damaged area for increased coverage.

            We use compost or soil conditioner instead of topsoil to add to the existing areas.

            We use the highest grade seed which is always the newest in hybrids for long lasting grass. Many use the regular mixtures which were good twenty years ago.

            Lawn Sculpting

            We specialize in cutting out different shapes for plant beds, every property requires something unique. We go down property lines to separate lots, around electrical boxes, down foundations and driveways, and around patios, decks and tree lines.

            Have you looked down a street lined with homes and noticed that not one yard has a bed or island in it?

            We just completed a bed in an Innsbrook front yard to connect the trees and add color. It makes the other yards look bare.

            We do a lot of cutting out of beds down foundations of homes in retirement and independent neighborhoods. Our last were in Cross Ridge and Twin Hickory.