Broad Street Road
Goochland, Virginia

Other Services


Many times a yard or property needs to have water flushed out of areas where it gathers and sets. We connect gutters, add French drains, dry rock beds, and heavily mulched areas to solve this problem.


We provide all types, colors and textures of mulch. We always have our mulch delivered because of the increasing usage by some landscapers of raw mulch. This mulch is taken from landfills and excavating sites may contain foreign materials or bug larvae which is detrimental to a home or business. This mulch is usually not filtered or treated.


We offer seasonal or annual plans for cleaning, cutting, trimming, mulching and plant management.

    Insurance Claims

We are quick on to any claim an insurer or claimant may have. Any damage to a property caused by storm, auto, or whatever is covered and can be appraised within hours.

    Volunteer Work

We volunteer ourselves for projects for schools, churches and gardens in and around Richmond. We donate plants and services for special causes because we like to give back to the community. We recently worked with Lowes to landscape a new gym for an area elementary school.

    New Construction

We landscape new homes and businesses. We try to consult with the owners to assure they get plant material and hardscapes that appeal to them, not just the landscaper or builder.

We recently re-wrote an estimate to install plants, trees, sod and mulch to a yard off of Cary Street next to Windsor Farms. We cut the other bids from $9000 to $8000 and passed the savings back to the owner.
In today’s world, we believe that it is in the buyers best interest to take an allowance for landscaping. This allows a home owner to shop for a landscaper who best fits their wants and needs, at the same time, saving them money.

    Japanese Gardens

Our company started in the business by doing these as the owner trained for a full year in the country’s largest garden.

City To Suburbs Landscaping installs water features, bonsai areas, dry creek beds, pagodas, bamboo, fencing and more.

    Tree Work

Areas which have dead wood, over grown limbs, or are heavily populated are always a problem. Clearing leaning, split, dying or poorly shaped trees always opens up an area for a clean, more park-like setting. We carry extra insurance for this type of work as it is risky and dangerous.