Our Favorites

We like to landscape pool, patio, and deck areas. We completed a pool last year in the middle of summer and because of the timing, got the client some great deals on plants, mulch and gravel. Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

We like to install screen plants. They are a great way to reduce noise and unsightliness from roads and neighbors, block wind, smell and sun, and something we all need: privacy.

We were the first to plant the extended John Rolfe Parkway, which opened the doors for others.

We like working on corner lots to show a neighborhoods potential. We work on cul-de-sacs also, and believe every location deserves a better landscape. Real Estate

Real Estate

We love colors: reds,golds,blues,or hot pinks mixed with green are always a plus in the landscape.

We love hardiness. Plants that survive our harsh seasons are reliable, and you can not kill are great.

We love low maintenance. Plants that require little fertilizing, trimming or watering helps with our owners time and budget. Plants that shape themselves or keep their color are great additions to landscape.

We like working on commercial areas because we do not use generic plantings you normally see. Most plant varieties cost the same, it is the size that determines the difference in price.

We have been working for many years replacing bayberry in the Wyndam area. This plant is a ‘scrub shrub’ and unfortunately hundreds were planted for lack of knowledge or care.

We recently completed the reconstruction of the Tuckahoe Veterinary Hospital at Regency. We added Encore azalea, knock out rose, harbor nandina, gold euronymous, miniature abeva, and Indian hawthorn for a unique look at a very busy intersection.
Real Estate

Real Estate

We like building retaining walls, fences and sheds. We are currently working for a home owner in Goochland who wants a white fixtures, this is not a problem for us.

We like creating beds. Size is not an issue. We are currently working on a hone hundred foot diameter perennial garden with paths, steps, arbors, and plenty of block and steel edging.

We love to plant new varieties. We are used occasionally by growers and wholesalers as ‘guinea pigs’ to try out recently introduced plants. We were the first to use the yellow/white knockout roses, gold heleri holly and the hybrid butterfly bush called attraction.

We are actually working on our own cultivation and hoping it turns into a real beauty..
Real Estate

We love to increase property value because this increases the value of ones life and hopefully the value of others.